Professors and Students

 Benefits for the Classroom?

  • Living Laboratories:
    • Real-world Application: Tree inventories provide professors and students with real-world data, turning outdoor spaces into living laboratories for ecological studies, biology, and environmental science.
    • Hands-On Learning: Engage students in hands-on learning experiences, allowing them to interact with and analyze actual tree data for a deeper understanding of concepts.
  • Data-Driven Research:
    • Scientific Inquiry: Empower professors and students to conduct data-driven research using tree inventory software, fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and critical thinking.
    • Innovative Research Projects: Create opportunities for innovative research projects, exploring topics like urban ecology, tree health, and the impact of green spaces on communities.
  • Enhanced Field Studies:
    • Outdoor Classrooms: Take the classroom outdoors with tree inventory data, enhancing field studies and enriching the learning experience by directly observing and studying tree species, health, and ecosystems.
    • Species Identification: Utilize tree inventory software as a tool for species identification and classification during field trips, promoting a more immersive and interactive educational experience.
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  • Environmental Conservation:
    • Biodiversity Preservation: Use tree inventories to understand and promote biodiversity conservation, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility among students.
    • Sustainability Education: Showcase the role of trees in sustainable ecosystems, inspiring students to become advocates for environmental conservation and stewardship.
  • Career Preparation:
    • Professional Development: Equip students with valuable skills in data analysis, environmental management, and technological proficiency, preparing them for careers in arboriculture, ecology, and related fields.
    • Industry-Relevant Knowledge: Provide professors with tools to impart industry-relevant knowledge, ensuring that students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of modern arboriculture practices.
  • Collaborative Learning:
    • Team Projects: Encourage collaborative learning through team projects that involve the collection, analysis, and presentation of tree inventory data, fostering teamwork and communication skills.
    • Interdisciplinary Exploration: Facilitate interdisciplinary exploration by integrating tree data into various academic disciplines, creating connections between biology, geography, urban planning, and more.
  • Technology Integration:
    • Digital Literacy: Foster digital literacy by integrating tree inventory software into the curriculum, preparing students for a technologically advanced and data-driven professional landscape.
    • Remote Access to Learning: Enable professors and students to access tree inventory data remotely, ensuring continuous learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting.


By incorporating tree inventories and software into academic curricula, professors and students embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and innovation. Elevate your educational experience, turning every tree into a classroom and every dataset into a lesson. Let’s grow together, nurturing the next generation of arborists, environmental scientists, and stewards of our green planet.

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