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“Our goal is to change the world and create modern Tree Management solutions for  Municipalities, Universities, Golf Course, HOAs, Parks, etc… “

Keith Hennig– CEO/Owner ArborPro

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ArborPro, Inc. is a seasoned urban forestry consulting firm with over fifteen years of experience, providing municipalities, universities, and federal agencies with a variety of urban forestry tools and services. Specializing in GIS Tree Inventory Software, GPS tree inventories, hazard assessments, disease identification, and urban forest management plans, ArborPro, Inc. is the full service solution for all urban forestry needs.

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With over 20 years of experience, ArborPro offers a proven strategy for Urban Forest management. Our leading software and extensive expertise in tree inventory services make us the top choice for your Urban Forestry needs, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Certified Arborists

With years of combined experience, our team of ISA Certified Arborists at ArborPro collaborates seamlessly, contributing to the creation of a highly accurate and top-notch dataset.

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While providing to top Inventory Services and most advanced GIS Tree Inventory Software, compare our pricing vs any of our competitors, we guarantee we will provide a higher quality product at a lower price.

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The ArborPro team will provide you and your team with a demonstration of our services at no cost. We can also provide a license of our software system for testing prior to purchase.

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"ArborPro is a fantastic resource. Being able to access every single tree around property makes it extremely easy for me to keep a general inventory, assist in a pruning schedule and be able to generate a report for any variety at the click of a button. I would recommend this service to any superintendent."

Nick Leitner

Directory of Agronomy, Indian Wells Golf Resort

"Thank you for replying to my help and support request. The new offline App is excellent. We use an older iPad in the field, and we cannot always connect to Wifi in every region of campus. Being able to download data for these poor signal areas before going into the field has been very helpful. I know I could definitely use some additional training on how to more efficiently use all the features in the new App and the main online App. The Community Viewer has been a great tool for answering questions and communicating with Clemson’s local community, students, faculty, and staff."

Keegan Bodiford

Arboricultural Staff, Clemson University

"ArborPro, Inc. has made it very easy for us to provide tree inventories to large residential homes, HOA's, and counties. The software can get the job done without having to be too overcomplicated. We have really enjoyed being able to use a software that is simple and meets all of our needs. With the constant updates to improve the quality, ArborPro, Inc. truly is the best of the best. We highly recommend using this software for any tree inventories small or big."

Jim Donegan

Owner - Donegan's Tree Service, Inc.

"Arbor Pro completed the City of Henderson’s inventory update a couple of years ago and did a great job. At that point, the city decided to use the Arbor Pro software to manage our inventory. The software is user-friendly, and the IT team has been very responsive to all my inquiries. Arbor Pro continues to update their product. Arbor Pro has been very professional throughout the years."

Preston Goodman

Municipal Forester - City of Henderson

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