ArborPro Software

Benefits of ArborPro:

With ArborPro Collector, data collection, GPS inventory, and tree assessments can be efficiently conducted and recorded, whether you have an internet connection or not. This versatility is a testament to its adaptability in the field. Collector seamlessly integrates with ArborPro Enterprise 2.0, facilitating the assessment of your urban forest’s condition. The app empowers users to effortlessly create reports, generate work orders, and explore the ecological benefits of tree management. Notably, ArborPro Collector offers unlimited tree collection capabilities and ensures compatibility with iTree, enhancing its value and functionality.

The Enterprise Edition extends the capabilities of ArborPro 3.6 to any web-enabled device. By securely storing all your data in the cloud, it enables real-time field updates. Our software is widely adopted across the nation by numerous municipalities, universities, and park departments, owing to its user-friendly interface. This cost-effective solution proves invaluable to our clients.



ArborPro leverages cutting-edge GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, offering users an instant visual representation of every tree within the Urban Forest. With its adaptable and customizable features, ArborPro Enterprise stands as the preferred choice for efficient tree inventory management.

ArborPro’s Collector stands as the epitome of comprehensive and advanced tree inventory tools available in the market. The ArborPro Collector app seamlessly extends the robust features and capabilities of your ArborPro Enterprise account to your Apple iOS device. It is designed as an indispensable companion application to ArborPro Enterprise 2.0.

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