About Us

Over 20 Years of Experience in Tree Inventory management

ArborPro, Inc. distinguishes itself as a prominent Urban Forestry Consulting Firm and Tree Management Software provider. Our core mission revolves around delivering exceptional services to municipalities, universities, utility companies, and tree contractors, encompassing top-tier tree inventories, state-of-the-art tree inventory software, comprehensive reporting, diagnostics, and a range of Urban Forest Services.


Our extensive experience is underscored by the successful completion of over 750+ comprehensive street tree and open space inventory projects, spanning more than thirty-five states across the nation.

Our Mission

ArborPro transforms urban forest management with precise tree inventory services and cutting-edge software. We empower municipalities, universities, and businesses with accurate data and intuitive tools for informed decisions. Leveraging technology and expertise, we streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance urban landscape sustainability. Committed to excellence and environmental stewardship, ArborPro aims to lead in tree services and software, fostering resilient urban ecosystems.

Our Vision

ArborPro envisions a future where every urban environment thrives with lush, healthy trees, supported by data-driven management and innovative technology. We aspire to be the catalyst for sustainable urban forestry practices worldwide, fostering vibrant communities and resilient ecosystems. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship, we aim to inspire a global movement towards a greener, healthier planet, where the benefits of urban forests are enjoyed by all.

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We Are Tree Experts,
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ArborPro, Inc. is a seasoned urban forestry consulting firm with over fifteen years of experience, providing municipalities, universities, and federal agencies with a variety of urban forestry tools and services. Specializing in GIS Tree Inventory Software, GPS tree inventories, hazard assessments, disease identification, and urban forest management plans, ArborPro, Inc. is the full service solution for all urban forestry needs.

Powerfull Strategy

With over 20 years of experience, ArborPro offers a proven strategy for Urban Forest management. Our leading software and extensive expertise in tree inventory services make us the top choice for your Urban Forestry needs, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Certified Arborists

With years of combined experience, our team of ISA Certified Arborists at ArborPro collaborates seamlessly, contributing to the creation of a highly accurate and top-notch dataset.

Save Your Money

While providing top Inventory Services and most advanced GIS Tree Inventory Software, compare our pricing vs any of our competitors, we guarantee we will provide a higher quality product at a lower price.

Free Consultation

The ArborPro team will provide you and your team with a demonstration of our services at no cost. We can also provide a license of our software system for testing prior to purchase.

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If interested, please schedule a time with one of our expert sales specialists to receive a free demo of how our team can fulfill your company’s needs.