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ArborPro Software Suite

GIS and ESRI compatible, the ArborPro Tree Inventory Software Suite  integrates with iTree for iTree reporting

ArborPro 3.6

Compatible with GIS, ESRI shapefile and iTree, ArborPro 3.6 is our flagship desktop software for managing your urban forest. It features a mapping, a work order generator, call log and robust search and filtering capabilities.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition brings the features of ArborPro 3.6 to any web-enabled device.  Because it  securely stores all of your data online in the cloud,   you can make updates in the field in real time.

Community Viewer

ArborPro’s Community Viewer allows you to share your specified data with your community at your discretion. This application makes it easy  to educate your community about the benefits of your urban forest.

Turf & Asset

The ArborPro Software Suite isn’t just for trees!  With our Turf & Asset module, you can manage all of your assets like signage, fire hydrants, emergency call boxes, picnic tables, water fountains, back flow valves and more!  

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ArborPro 3.6


Throughout the country, municipalities, universities, and parks departments used the ArborPro Tree Management Software Suite because of its ease of use. ArborPro utilizes the latest in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to provide the user with an immediate visual representation of any tree in the urban forest. This software suite offers flexibility and customization capabilities that will make it relevant for years to come.

Developed by a team of certified arborists and GIS professionals, ArborPro 3.6 meets its development goal of being an easy to use, powerful, GIS tree inventory program that assists our clients to efficiently manage their urban forests. Field personnel find the GIS database program easy to use yet powerful enough for advanced spatial queries. GIS staff can access the data in ArborPro and us it as a layer in the ArcGIS environment. The ArborPro Tree Inventory Software Suite is rich with features like work order management and call manager. Our program is provided in a desktop version and a clouds version (ArborPro Enterprise Edition); all features are accessible through wither version. In addition, you can utilize the desktop version and cloud version simultaneously to manage your urban forest.


Enterprise Edition

ArborPro Enterprise, our cloud based GIS tree inventory and management software is a secure, online system.  It allows you to access, plot, search, query, record maintenance records and update your tree inventory on any web-enabled device.  It instantly updates all functions of our easy to use, comprehensive tree inventory and management software, to the cloud.  Whether you need to import existing inventory data, create a new inventory with in-house staff, or have our certified arborists perform a detailed inventory customized for your needs, ArborPro Enterprise is for you!

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community viewer


Community Viewer

The Community Viewer allows you post your tree inventory online so your public can view your urban forest’s attributes on their mobile device or tablet.  With GPS in their phones, users can navigate through your urban forest to see any specific tree’s location, size and species, as well as the eco-benefits of the city’s urban forest. – greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, energy savings, air quality and property values by user specified areas.  Because it’s entirely customizable, you can choose which data is shared with the public.  You are in total control of the information they access.


Turf & Asset

With ArborPro Turf & Asset Module, you can inventory  and maintain other physical assets.

  • Catalog lighting, benches, valves, irrigation, mailboxes, etc.
  • Record turf type, square footage, and fertilization schedules
  • Customize your own asset types
  • Track completed maintenance/replacement, hours & cost
  • Provide staff with maps & reports
  • Collect data on tablets or GPS Units
  • Import PDF, CAD, GIS files and aerial photography
  • Search by any asset type, model number, location, or manufacturer
  • Maintain a photo log of all assets


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  • “Thanks for the communication.  Luis has helped us greatly the past few months.  We are pleased with the service.”

    Adreane Freeman, City of Grand Terrace

  • “Thank you for the quality product that has save us countless hours and recordkeeping for our campuses.”

    Debbie O’Campo, Allan Hancock College

  • “The way you have structured the Oakhill survey is great.  I really appreciate all you have done on this project and the regular updates.  The survey has been completed in a professional manner and when I have ‘spot checked’ data it has been accurate.”

    Joe Sulak, Grand Rapids Superintendent

  • “ArborPro, Inc. has provided the City of San Francisco with a productive and high quality service.  I would highly recommend ArborPro, Inc. to provide three inventory services for other large municipal agencies.”

    Jon Swae, San Francisco Tree Census Manager

  • “Tyler has been so great working with me to get the software adjusted to meet our specific needs. Having to convert the previous data into ArbroPro has had challenges as the Arborist we used had their own method of rating trees. I believe Tyler has captured all of our data and provided a usable format for us to move forward in our tree mitigation process. Please give him a special thanks from us on a job well done, it has been greatly appreciated.”

    Terri Yount, Sunrise Parks

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