UC Berkeley

Project Scope

ArborPro Inc. undertook an extensive data collection tree inventory project, encompassing approximately 3,500 trees, at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. The impetus for this initiative was a tree failure incident on campus, prompting the university to commission a comprehensive tree inventory. Remarkably, ArborPro’s diligent efforts culminated in the inventorying of a grand total of 6,700 trees across the entire campus.

In addition to this monumental inventory project, ArborPro conducted Tree Risk Assessments for approximately 160 trees, aiding the University in identifying and addressing potential hazards. Over the course of the past year, the University has effectively utilized the inventory data and assessment results to proactively remove hazardous trees as part of their ongoing safety measures.

To further enhance their tree management efforts, the University has harnessed ArborPro’s sophisticated tree management software. This technology empowers them to maintain up-to-date maintenance records, track removals and new plantings, and ensure the continued health and safety of their tree population.

Notably, the ‘Coast Live Oak’ emerges as the most prevalent species type gracing the University of California, Berkeley’s distinguished campus landscape. ArborPro Inc. is proud to have played a pivotal role in supporting the University’s commitment to maintaining a safe and vibrant campus environment.

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