San Francisco

Project Scope

ArborPro, Inc. achieved a significant milestone by securing a $350,000 contract from the City and County of San Francisco for the execution of a city-wide tree inventory project. The initial funds allocated for this endeavor enabled us to inventory more than 80,000 tree sites throughout the city. Our team executed the initial project on schedule, meeting all expectations. Impressed with our performance, the city chose to amend the agreement, granting us the opportunity to expand the inventory to encompass up to 140,000 tree sites.

For this monumental undertaking, ArborPro assembled a highly capable five-person team, with Tree Inventory Project Manager Ken Greby at the helm. Following our standard protocol for tree inventory projects, we conducted the survey on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Upon completing each neighborhood, we delivered a comprehensive summary report to the City of San Francisco. These reports included i-Tree analysis, providing valuable insights into the urban forest’s ecological impact.

Throughout the project’s duration, ArborPro maintained consistent communication with the City of San Francisco by providing weekly updates on our progress. Given the heightened political and community sensitivity surrounding this tree survey initiative, the City established a dedicated website to share project updates with the local community, fostering transparency and engagement.

ArborPro, Inc. takes immense pride in contributing to the management and preservation of San Francisco’s urban forest, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional tree inventory services, even in complex and community-focused projects.

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