City of Grand Rapids

Project Scope

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan entrusted ArborPro, Inc. with a significant tree inventory project, encompassing the entire city, including the assessment of stumps and vacant planting sites. ArborPro, Inc. demonstrated remarkable efficiency and dedication by successfully inventorying over 73,000 trees across the city over the span of several months.

William Brown, the lead project manager from ArborPro, maintained open and consistent communication with the city’s arborist, Joe Sulak. This included providing weekly updates on the project’s progress, ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout the endeavor. Impressively, the ArborPro team, consisting of two dedicated individuals, managed to complete this monumental project in under five months.

Following the successful completion of this extensive undertaking, Mr. Sulak expressed his gratitude to William for his unwavering hard work and exemplary professionalism throughout the project. This collaboration stands as a testament to ArborPro, Inc.’s commitment to excellence in urban forestry and tree inventory services.

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