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About us

ArborPro, Inc. is a full-service urban forestry consulting company with over fifteen years of experience. We provide municipalities, universities, and federal government agencies with a full spectrum of urban forestry services. We specialize in GPS tree inventories, hazardous tree assessments, disease, and insect infestation identification, urban forest management plans, and tree mapping software. We also provide vegetation management services.

How we work


Our ISA Certified Arborists have many years of experience working together at ArborPro.  This continuity in teamwork results in a very accurate and high-quality dataset.


At ArborPro, we understand that a collaborative effort with our clients provides the best service, delivers the best product and best suits your needs


The ArborPro process relies on experienced teams, constant communication, accurate data analysis and quality assurance.  The result?  We deliver a superior product, customized  to your needs.

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