Vegetation Management

ArborPro has provided Vegetation Management Services for the two largest utility companies in California.  
Vegetation Management


Vegetation Management

As a certified contractor for California’s largest utility companies, ArborPro Inc. provides a spectrum of Utility Vegetation Management services.  Our experienced Contract Utility Foresters (CUF), perform Pre-Inspections and conduct Hazardous Tree Assessments.  

Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) rely on our Pre-Inspectors and  Notification Consultants to assess and identify hazardous vegetation near powerlines.  

ArborPro, Inc is an equal opportunity employer providing opportunities to minorities and disabled vets. 


Pre Inspection

Our arborists and pre-inspectors survey circuits for potentially hazardous trees, that may impact or interfere with the utility line.   We evaluate line clearance to ensure regulatory compliance. This data is then organized for the utility company to prioritize an action plan to prevent the potential hazard.

Vegetation Management
Vegetation Management


Notification Consultants

ArborPro has implemented a two step process when a potentially hazardous tree is located on private property.  First, our Pre-Inspector attempts to make contact with the property owner.  We require a written authorization from the property owner that  details the prescribed work to alleviate any miscommunication regarding the work to be completed.  If for any reason the P.I. is unable to obtain authorization, our next step is to have a trained Notification Consultant follow up for further clarification and resolution.  This two step method also ensures the P. I. continues on task and schedule.


Safety Program

Over the past twelve years, ArborPro, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Safety Program utilized by both our Pre-Inspection Team and Tree Work Crews.  The Program includes:

  • Proper PPE-Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Tools and Equipment
  • JSA – Job Safety Analysis Forms
  • Tailgate Safety Meetings
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings
Vegetation Management


  • “ArborPro, Inc. has provided the City of San Francisco with a productive and high quality service.  I would highly recommend ArborPro, Inc. to provide tree inventory services for other large municipal agencies.”

    Jon Swae, San Francisco Street Tree Census Manager

  • “The way you have structured the Oakhill survey is great.  I really appreciate all you have done on this project and the regular updates.  The survey has been completed in a professional manner and when I have ‘spot checked’ data it has been accurate.”

    Joe Sulak, Grand Rapids Parks Superintendent

  • “Thank you for a quality product that has saved us countless hours and recordkeeping for our campuses.”

    Debbie O’Campo, Allan Hancock College

  • “It’s hard to believe we’re about wrapped up with the inventory of 76,000 trees.  Thanks again to you and your team for all of your great work and willingness to stick around and further our park tree inventory.”

    David Ross, City of Lincoln, NE

How We Work



Our ISA Certified Arborists have years of experience working together at ArborPro.  This continuity in teamwork results in a very accurate and high quality dataset.



At ArborPro, we understand that to provide the best service to our clients and deliver the best product to suit their needs, it takes a collaborative effort with our clients.  To accomplish this, we always have a Kick-Off meeting with our clients prior to the commencement of a project to determine and agree upon project standards and scope of work.  We also believe constant communication as well as weekly progress reports keep our clients informed and allows them to address any issues in real time.



With the experience of a team with years of experience working together, constant communication with our clients and a variety of quality assurance scripts for analyzing the data as part of the ArborPro process, we will deliver a superior product customized to our clients needs.

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