Fla. Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program awards $10k to conduct Venice’s 1st Tree Inventory

The City of Venice conducted its first tree inventory study with the aid of the Florida Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program, funded by the U.S. Forest Service, during the summer of 2017.
These funds were made available to organizations and municipalities to develop or enhance their urban and community forestry programs. With the $10,000 grant, and $10,000 of city funds, the city was able to hire the experienced and well-respected firm ArborPro get a precise count and condition assessment of every tree in 33 city parks and about a quarter of the trees on other city properties and rights of way. It is expected that the city will apply for an additional grant to complete the survey in fiscal year 2019.
The survey counted 7,201 trees, 40% of which were 12 inches or greater in diameter. Of these trees 74% measured 15 feet or taller. From a health standpoint, the assessment found that about 88% of the trees were in fair, good or excellent condition. Only 70 trees were recommended to be removed because of defects making them potentially hazardous. City staff will work on recommended pruning and removal of hazardous trees in the coming year. The inventory and related software program will allow Venice to more easily maintain its substantial investment in trees, identify areas in need of additional trees and develop a robust tree-planting program.
For more information, please contact city Public Works Director John Veneziano at 941-882-7359 or jveneziano@venicegov.com.