Drexel University Chooses ArborPro for GPS Tree Inventory

Drexel University’s Operations and Maintenance Department chose to complete a GPS tree inventory & assessment with the urban forest management firm ArborPro, Inc. The arborist from ArborPro performed a ground assessment of each tree throughout the campuses 96 acres. The GPS tree inventory & assessment took one week. The University now uses ArborPro’s Cloud-based Tree Management System to record maintenance, take photos, and run reports of the campus urban forest.

On March 19, 2018, ArborPro, Inc. began operations on a comprehensive GPS inventory of campus trees at Drexel University. ArborPro assigned an ISA Certified Arborist to collect detailed information on the condition, size, species, maintenance recommendations, etc. for all trees on campus. ArborPro inventoried a total of 980 trees over the course of the survey and found that 98.1% of the trees were in good to fair condition. We also found the Drexel University campus forest to be diverse with 66 unique species. The top ten species on the campus are; Thornless Honey Locust, Red Maple, Japanese Flowering Cherry, Sawleaf Zelkova, American Sycamore, Hybrid Elm, Red Oak, Downy Serviceberry, Eastern Dogwood and Eastern Redbud.

ArborPro completed the survey March 23, 2018, and delivered the inventory in the ArborPro cloud-based tree management system, Enterprise. ArborPro Enterprise utilizes the latest in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to provide the user with an immediate visual representation of any tree in their campus urban forest. The ArborPro Tree Inventory Software Suite is rich with features including Work Order Management and Call Manager. This secure online system will allow Drexel University to access, plot, search, query, record maintenance records and update your tree inventory on any web-enabled device. All functions of our easy to use comprehensive tree inventory and management software is updated instantly, to the cloud. Drexel University purchased a 2-user license of ArborPro’s Enterprise Edition to maintain the university’s campus forest continually.