Inventory & Tree Management Plan in Wentzville Missouri

ArborPro has completed a tree inventory and tree management plan for the city of Wentzville, MO. A tree inventory is the first step in understanding the current state of their Urban Forest and creates a framework for a tree management plan. The tree inventory included trees and stumps within select parks, public facilities and along public street rights-of-way (ROW). A total of 2,902 sites were recorded during the inventory and included 2,890 trees and 12 stumps. ArborPro found a total of 117 distinct species of trees within the rights-of-way in Wentzville. The trees in the city of Wentzville provide approximately $138,454.00 in annual environmental benefits and an energy savings of $9,504.00 yearly. The Stormwater Interception is valued at $30,462 a year and Carbon Sequestration valued at $2,077.00 a year. The improved property value associated with the aesthetics of the trees in Wentzville is valued at $92,884.00.

ArborPro utilized the information from the tree inventory to create a five-year tree management plan for the city of Wentzville. This tree management plan included Priority 1 Removals, Priority 1 Pruning and established Routine Pruning cycles for the first year of the plan. Lower priorities and routine pruning were scheduled throughout the remainder of the five-year tree management plan. ArborPro created annual budgets for each year of the maintenance plan. A portion of the funding for this project was made available by the Missouri Department of Conservation Tree Resources, Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Program.