ArborPro for Targeted Water Management

Beau Thiffault and Keith Hennig of ArborPro, a program that manages green space. They see their product as a way to help homeowners’ associations reduce their water consumption by selective watering.

A company providing high-tech solutions for water management is ArborPro. When the redwood trees at Caltech in Pasadena began dying, plagued by insects that thrive in the drought, the university turned to the Yorba Linda-based company.
ArborPro makes software that tracks and plots trees to visually illustrate where the water-thirsty ones lie and how many are in a given area. This aids in planning the look of a campus or city.
More of the business’s current customers, including universities and cemeteries, are buying ArborPro’s retooled turf management software so they can strategically map where they want to cut grass out of the landscape instead of letting lawns turn brown.
“You have to cut your water. But does that mean all your grass has to die and your trees have to look bad, or the property values have to go down? No,” said Keith Hennig, president of ArborPro. “I think you can be more selective as to where you put your resources, and having the mapping technology and the data gives you the ability to make better decisions.”