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Nov - Dec 2012

Hurricane Sandy Tree Disasters Relief Efforts in Brooklyn and Queens, NY

Mar 17, 2010

Haddonfield, NJ selects ArborPro

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Jan 13, 2010

Cal Fire showcases Santa Clarita's ArborPro inventory

Sept 2008

Hurricane Ike Tree Disasters Relief Efforts in Houston, TX

2005 - 2008

Hurricane Katrina Tree Disasters Relief Efforts in New Orleans

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ArborPro provides municipal GPS tree inventories and management plans for cities throughout the U.S. Our staff of ISA certified arborists, led by our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist has completed inventories in 12 states, typically ahead of schedule. We use the latest GPS survey equipment and capture a wide variety of attributes including address, species, size, condition, maintenance recommendations, and much more. Our completed inventories not only give you an accurate picture of current conditions - they tell a story of what the urban forest will be like in the future, allowing you to plan ahead, years in advance.

ArborPro Municipal is our flagship software - a comprehensive solution allowing municipal agencies to effectively manage the urban forest. Municipalities are tasked with ongoing maintenance, long-term planning, maintaining a functional species list, planting, handling citizen requests, and performing emergency tree services, all on a limited budget. Increasingly, they must also maintain a complete and accurate history of all completed maintenance. The ability to strategically target certain species in certain parts of the city is becoming more critical than ever. ArborPro allows you to do all of the above, easily.

ArborPro Tree Inventory
ArborPro also has an optional sidewalk inventory component. This allows field personnel to inventory and record work on sidewalk segments. These segments are marked on the map as point locations, color-coded by status - to be completed or completed. Point sizes represent the severity of each problem, in user-defined ranges of amount of uplift. This allows for an effective hardscape management program to be carried out on a limited budget. Advanced searches and reports are available and easy-to-read sorted lists can be given to field crews, prioritized by severity.

ArborPro Sidewalk Inventory